TV SERIES: Professor JohnBull – Episode 2 (Eliza My Daughter)


Mai Doya, acted by Funky Mallam, innocuously stokes the fire. Seeking advice from Professor Johnbull, the wise one who knows it all, Mai Doya discusses with the scholar how his pregnant wife who is expecting their 9th child has been vomiting rampantly.

Mai Doya arrives in the middle of a serious concern over the health of Elizabeth. The nexus between vomiting and pregnancy which Mai Doya establishes arouses the curiosity of Professor Johnbull. He quickly launches into a flurry of activity which culminates in a discreet pregnancy test for his daughter. What did he find out? Is Elizabeth actually pregnant? Who is responsible for the pregnancy?

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Watch and find out what happened in this Episode 2 of Professor Johnbull – Season 1 Episode 2 below.

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