4 Best Related Post Plugins For WordPress Sites


Are you facing the frustration of your site users leaving your site after reading the first post? Increasing pageviews and reducing bounce rate is a big challenge for blog/website owners. Showing users related content has proven to be an effective way of getting more pageviews and keeping Visitors glued to your site. In this post I will show you how to easily show Related Posts on your WordPress site using some very resourceful plugins. In this article, I will show you some of the best related posts plugins I have come across since I moved to WordPress.


1. ContextualRelated Posts

Contextual Related Posts is currently running on my website. CRP WordPress Plugin displays related posts. It tries to improve relevancy by contextually matching posts. It can display related posts as in thumbnails and texts.

For text only related posts, it works out of the box and gives a simpler settings page. It tries to use images inside a post as thumbnail when no featured image or post thumbnail is found on the Related Article.

The plugin does not come with any template to display thumbnails. Instead it just displays thumbnail images in a bulleted list. Users can add their own CSS to style it, but as a beginner I strongly advise you to leave the default settings in order not to ridicule your site.

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Download Contextual Related Posts HERE

2. Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts is quite different from other plugins in this article. Instead of showing related posts below content, this plugin shows them in-between or inside your articles. This kind of inline display of related content is quite popular on news, gossip and blog sites.

Inline Related Posts tends to catch visitor’s attention when users are more engaged in your content and are most likely to click. It has easy setup and allows you to control where you want to display inline related post links in your content.

Download Inline Related Posts Plugin  HERE

3. Yuzo Related Posts

Another interesting good and free related posts plugin is Yuzo Related Posts. It has a comprehensive set of features that you can expect from a related posts plugin. Thumbnail views, horizontal views with thumbnails, list views, built-in cache amongst other features.

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It is extremely easy to use and setup. Users can choose the styles​ by just clicking on it. Caching makes the performance better than Contextual Related Posts. It has a highly customizable widget with lots of options.

Download Yuzo Related Posts Plugin HERE

4. Related Posts For WordPress

Lastly, Related Posts for WordPress plugin is a lightweight alternate to more popular related posts plugins. It performs all the resource intensive tasks in the Administrator’s​ area and uses cache to display related posts.

Related Posts for WordPress focuses itself on performance. It is faster and does not slow down your website. It supports thumbnail and textual display of related posts list. There is a widget and shortcode which you can use anywhere to display related posts.

Download Related Posts For WordPress Plugin HERE


Kindly use the comment if find any difficulties in setting up any of the above.