4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date


4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date

Relationship is said to be what keeps the world going to some extent and it sometimes defines who we are and what we can do for it. Here are 4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date from my own point of view, yours might be different.


First among 4 Girls You Should Never Date is the Nagging kind of a woman who nags on virtually everything both the things that Matter and the ones that don’t. These category of woman can drive you into doing funny things like “Cheating”, “Keeping Distance” which is not healthy for any genuine relationship.

Myadvise for if you find yourself in such relationship; just quit before you guys get too serious.


Like it’s said, “Cleaniness is next to Godliness”. This statement is not just a statement but rather a fact. Second on 4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date is the DIRTY kind of a woman; this category of girls irritates not only Men but even their fellow women…speaking of, I personally hate to look dirty not to talk of my girlfriend.

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Truth is; even if a guy is dirty, at least his partner should be his opposite to balance the relationship but if your girlfriend is dirty and you feel you want to manage, to me there’s a 80% tendency that you will join the league in near future.


There’s nothing much to say about this class of girls as they are just the money types out of the 4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date, all they are after is how to SPEND not mind how to GET. I never said giving your partner money is bad but it should come with an understanding that it won’t always come when needed at most occasions.

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The said class can make a Billion Dollars achievement become a Hundred Dollars achievement, I mostly call them the dream killers.


Finally on 4 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date, it’s totally annoying to see your girlfriend falling understand this category because it discourageds everything thereby leaving the relationship with no hope for the future.

No relationship is totally Perfect but manners is really important because your partner’s parents and siblings counts it as criterion that the girls is good for their son.


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