5 Things You Can Do At Any GTBank ATM Stand


Here are 5 Things You Can Do At Any GTBank ATM Stand…overtime everybody need to make translations at the bank in an easier and stress free manner but seemed impossible; well, you don’t need to worry further because today you are going learn some major 5 Things You Can Do At Any GTBank ATM Stand.

  1. Customer Update (Phone Number): You can now update the phone number linked to your GTBank Account right in front of the ATM machine with just few clicks, very fast and easy with their newly upgraded banking system and mode of operations.
  2. Fund Transfer: Most times the problems people face is how to transfer fund to another bank. Be it Intra and Inter Bank fund transfer, it can be done on GTBank ATM machine…i.e. you can transfer funds to an account holder within GTBank and outside GTBank (other Banks).
  3. Bill Payments: It can be so frustrating when it’s  weekend and just need to pay some bills so you don’t get cut off the service. The thing is that; you can pay your bills, such as Electricity, Toll, Cable TV and so on, using the Quick Teller option on the machine.
  4. CardLess Withdrawal: This option gives you the opportunity to make withdrawals even when you’re not with your card. All you need to do is simply register for the service using this format: Dial *737# from your mobile number linked to the account and select “CardLess Withdrawal” and you will receive the transaction code for the withdrawal.
  5. Finally, Western Union: This last option allows you to receive Western Union payments directly into your GTBank Account via the ATM.
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Hope you find these 5 Things You Can Do At Any GTBank ATM Stand resourceful thereby easing the stress of going into the banking hall and clear your worries during weekends that banks don’t operate.