Few Things You Need to Know About CGEE & How to Support (An NGO Focused On GirlChild Education)


About CGEE

Task with the goal of Working to Promote Girl Child Education & Women Empowerment.

Center for Promoting Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment (CGEE), is a highly effective non-profit organisation promoting/funding girl child education and women empowerment in Northern Nigeria.

Aims & Objectives of CGEE

Center for Promoting Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment, CGEE, seeks to:

  1. Encourage and promote girl child education and women empowerment;
  2. Identify the less privileged children, orphans (girl child only) enroll them in schools, primary, and secondary up to university level;
  3. Offer free education/scholarship to the identified girl child and those girl children that drop out of school due to lack of funding up to university level;
  4. Identify less privileged women/widows, support them with grants to start small scale business(es);
  5. Organized seminars/workshops towards sensitizing the general public especially in the rural areas on the importance of girl child education; and
  6. Partner with Donor agencies, Corporate organizations and Spirited individuals for assistance (financial or otherwise) to enable them achieve their objectives.
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More to CGEE (Deep Facts) 

Center for Promoting Girl Child Education & Women Empowerment (CGEE) is an adaptable and flexible, non-bureaucratic organization that supports girl child education and empowers women in Northern Nigeria. This is why they are channeling resources towards building and helping people achieve their goals in life with focus on educating the girl child and empowering the less privileged women.

Screenshot below is Testimonial received from some of the beneficiaries of CGEE’s program – and we also gathered from a reliable source that the NGO in question has been supporting about 20 children for about 8years now; of which 2 among these girls are currently in SS2 while others are in Junior Secondary School and Primary School level respectively.



Why CGEE Needs Your Support Now!

CGEE urgently needs funds to help promote education, and actually educate the girl child and empower women in our society. Please give all you can (no amount of giving is too small). As they pride  themselves on being lean on administration which means any money you donate to CGEE goes to helping the girl child and women.

The trustees, levy themselves in form of contributions to be able to carryout the objectives of CGEE, and hope to partner with organisations and individuals to get financing in form of donations, aids and grants, so that no girl child will be deprived of quality education, and less privileged women will not live in poverty.