Game: Grand Theft Auto 4 – Big World


Gang Theft Auto Big World (GTA Big World)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Welcome to America’s criminal 2000s. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto Big World. A city where corruption and bandits rule! Here you have to go from a simple boy running errands to a Boss Mafia.

The city of sins and vices, City of bright lights and dark gateways. The city in which suddenly become rich and quickly part with life. Welcome to San Andreas!

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In this city of San Andreas, you will have to be Gang Theft Auto Big World to San Andreas (GTA), kill people and seize authority from the very beginning! Incarnate yourself in the streets of San Andreas, full of gangsters, cops and special forces soldiers.


Do not show any mercy for those who stand in your way. Become a Gang Theft Auto Big World GTA! Unlock all possible weapons and find the secrets hidden on the map. Dominate in the city with the help of the destructive firepower of advanced military equipment or pumping the hero and take out all for a couple of strikes!

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