How To Clone Any WordPress Theme



Many a time the problem some newbies Bloggers face is getting a very nice design for their blog which leads them to some times go as far as begging others to have/copying a particular WordPress theme, it could be that they saw the design on a friend’s website user interface and fell in love with it but have no idea how to copy or download it.

Well, today I will show you how to Copy or Clone any WordPress Theme for free within a minute or two; using a plugin call WP-Clone-Template. With this plugin you’ll be able to export your themes in a .zip file  format (which is the Theme file extension for any WP website) and then install with that .zip file the same theme in other servers using the “upload” feature of WordPress.

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After login into the website dashboard you want to copy the Theme from, install the above named plugin, goto Appearance, you need to goto the “Export” subsection in the “Appearance” menu, a new screen will appear showing you a drop-down button to select the theme you want to export. Just select the theme you want and then click in the “Export” button.

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You will get a .zip file to download. Once you have the .zip file in your computer or any device you are using, you can install the theme going to Appearance/Themes/Install Themes/Upload in your WordPress Administrative Panel, and then select your .zip file and click on “Install now”.

To download this awesome plugin from a trusted WordPress source kindly use the link below


If you need any assistant installing the Plugin above, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.