How to Create a Free Blog in 5Minutes



Have you been thinking and searching for ways on how to create a free blog? Well, i will be showing you the fast and easiest way to create a free blog within five minute and it comes with great responsive interface for your potential visitors.

Before we go further in this tutorial, it is important for you to know what you want to blog about or should I say, the type of blog you want to run… Choosing a niche for your blog is very essential, as this will tell your visitors the kind of blog you operate and what they should expect from it.


As stated above, your blog niche is what tells your visitors the kind of blog you operate and the nature of contents they should look forward to seeing on it. In recent time, entertainment blogs are the most created especially in Nigeria where entertainment is believed to the money house; but there are good number of niches out there with less competition and paying quite high for some people (e.g. Food, Travels, Fashion, Photography, Copy writing, Tech, How to, and even Lifestyle niche).

Best advise i will offer in terms of choosing a niche for your new blog is, don’t go into a certain niche just because it pays someone you know, you will be making a big mistake if that’s your go-to. Rather, go for what you love doing and what you can do without stress or complaints, let’s say you love telling stories – my best advise for you will be to go into Story Telling Niche, it is less competitive and you won’t need to struggle to get your stories.

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What domain name simply mean is; the name name you want people to find you on the web with, more like your ID (also known as the webpage URL). Now, when it comes to choosing a domain name; I always advise that you keep it short, easy to spell and simple (that way, you can easily be seen from everywhere around the world with just a simple click).

Also note that this domain name come in two ways, there are free and paid domain so whichever one you go for, just bear in mind to keep it simple. You can go for the free host and domains such as,, or paid such as .com, .net, .co,, or even .ng.

How to Create a Free Blog in Five Minutes

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using a platform called Blogger – which happen to be a Blog publishing service that allow users to create and manage their blogs for free, and it was developed by Pyra Labs but later sold to Google back in 2003. So, Blogger is owned by Google and all blogs under this platform are hosted by Google.

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Let’s get started, follow the steps below to create a free blog.

First thing first, you will need to create a Gmail account if you have none or Click here to read how to create a gmail account for free

  • Login the Gmail you just created in your browser
  • Goto in your device browser (e.g. Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Opera)
  • On the dashboard, click ‘Create New Blog’
  • Type in your blog Title in the space provided e.g. ‘My Personal Work 101’
  • In the next box, type in your ‘Address’ which will serve as your domain name (read more about domain name above)
  • Next is for you to choose a design that is pleasant to you in the ‘Theme’ section
  • Click ‘Create Blog’
  • Congratulations! You have successful created a free blog

See screenshots below.

There you have it, simple and easy right? In my next article, I will show you how to create Pages, Navigation Bar, Labels and Your First Blog Post.

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