These Easy Steps Will Show You How to Get Flat Stomach and Small Waist

Hi there, today I write on this particular topic “How to Get Flat Stomach and Small Waist” because it’s one of the many a lot of people want to read about on the internet and most especially among the ladies…

It is no longer a new thing that a lot of young people (even the old) today want to have that sweet looking body structure that seems very comfortable to hangout with among their peers (call it slim to fashion if you want). Myself, I am an advocate for young folks with flat stomach and all sweet body structure (reason being that I am slim and do a lot of exercises every morning before leaving work).


Before we dive into to the topic proper, I want to clearly state here that, this totally about keeping fit and has nothing to do with taking supplements or going any form of surgery as I term it the organic way to get your desired result within 7 to days 10 days of doing a fitness training and still stay in shape the right way. Follow the few steps listed below.

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Warming up your muscles is key to the journey you’re about to embark on, as it will get you ready and give you the needed comfort-ability to feel relaxed. First you need a chair, see the picture below.

After getting your chair, now it’s time to get into business – sit upright with both hands lifted straight in front of you or on your lap and take a deep breath in and out, slowly lean back on the chair but don’t loose your weight on it – while stretching your abdominal muscles.

…slowly return back to your position (more like you’re doing the normal sit-up you know) but this time on a chair and on a slower pace. Do it 10 to 12 times before moving to the second step below.


This second step proceeds the first step above, whilst sitting on the edge of your chair and your hands on your lap, then take your both hands behind your hand letting your elbows be on the sides – now slowly turn the upper part of your body LEFT (stay in that position for 5 seconds) & RIGHT (also for 5 seconds) without moving your hips (just as the lady in the image above is doing) – repeat for the process for about 6 minutes then move to the next one below.

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Lastly, still sitting on your chair, yeah…now sit comfortably and pull your left leg to your chest, and wrap your hands around your left knee and hold still in that position for 5 seconds; return to your original position and repeat to process 10 times for both leg (left & right).

Last Words

Achieving the desired result of how to get a flat stomach and small waist comes with a little or more exercises.

We like to hear from you, got more ways? Don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.