How To Subscribe For Etisalat New Unlimited Download Data Plan


How To Subscribe For Etisalat Unlimited Download Data Plan

This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise – that Etisalat recently introduced a new breath taking data plan for unlimited downloads called Time Based Data Plan. The new service is powered by: Comptel’s FWD Solution, Well kudos to them for being so thoughtful. Having your own precious time to based on downloading is  now very easy with Etisalat Time Based Data Plan.


In a world where technology has taken over, it gives room to the Internet Service Provider for competition on virtually all packages.

One of the leading Nigeria’s Internet Service Provider “Etisalat” have recently launched its own version of the unlimited time based plane also known an BLAZE ON.


Easy Blaze is an unlimited time based data plan introduced by Etisalat  and it is available to all NEW and EXISTING customers with this Awoof plan you can buy time to download as you like, it also gives you room to surf the internet to cap it all it also allow you to buy time as low as N50 naira only. I can bet it with you that there is nothing like this newly introduced timely unlimited data plan from Etisalat as long as there is reliable internet.

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How To Subscribe For Etisalat Unlimited Download Data Plan:

Kindly Follow the steps to download Easy Blaze Apps.

  • Text “blazeon” to 229 or Download the Apps.
  • To  activate the plan. visit the Google store or click the link below:
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  • Launch the App and enter your details.


With BlazeOn Data Plans, you can get as low as 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or go for the 1hour plan.

Blaze is the fastest and most convenient way for etisalat subscribers to get connected via the web. No matter where you are you can simply choose the most suitable out of the number alternatives plan provided.

Blaze also notifies you of your connection status, It also give you avenue to check your balance at any point in time.

NOTE: This App is only available for Android 4.0 & above, not for Iphones.