How To Subscribe Glo 3.2GB For N1000


I have been receiving calls and messages from many readers of this Blog recently on How To Subscribe Glo 3.2GB For N1000.

So I decided to put the process here for many others who might need it paraventure.


  • First you will need a registered Glo Sim.
  • Buy N1000 airtime.
  • Your mobile phone or Modem.
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  • Insert your Glo Sim into a mobile phone or Modem.
  • Recharge your​ Glo Sim with N1000.
  • Dial *777#.
  • Select/Reply with 1 (i.e. 4G/3G Data Plan).
  • Select/Reply with 1 again (i.e. Buy 3G/4G Data Plan).
  • Select/Reply with 2 (i.e. Monthly Plans).
  • Select/Reply with 1 (which is 1.6GB for new customers and 3.2GB for customers who are RENEWING their plans).
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Also note that there are cases where new customers also get 3.2GB for same price if they get lucky (I have confirmed 2 people who got 3.2GB on their Sim cards).

Glo are truly proving themselves to be Grand Masters of Data…enjoy it!