JUST IN: “I Have Never Been Offended by The Slay Queen Tag” – Gloria Sarfo


Ghanaian actress Gloria Sarfo has revealed that she is not offended whenever she is compared with slay queens, some of whom walk around calling themselves actresses.

Speaking with a media platform, NEWS-ONE on Saturday, she explained that she does not want to discriminate against anyone in Ghana’s entertainment and showbiz industry.

According to her, she is the type who embraces everyone and helps to shape others become better persons if the need be, hence she does not mind when she is compared to slay queens.

“I have had so many instances where I was compared to them, but I don’t get angry; I don’t get offended because they are equally doing what they feel is good for them and I can’t discriminate,” she pointed out.

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“But then again I can only caution that some of us were here when they came, People were there before us and so we didn’t meet the industry this way, they also didn’t meet us the way they are portraying the industry lately; That wasn’t how they met us” she said further.

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Sarfo therefore advised slay queens to better their acting craft if they really want to assume the role of actresses in the film industry.

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“They came to meet an acting industry, a lot of us spend years to build our brands through training and I will stress that they express what they came to meet,” she said this in to conclude her statement.

According to her, she is currently exploring other opportunities in the TV, fashion and beauty industries.

She now owns Glow City Wear, a fashion outfit and also an ultra-modern beauty salon in addition to her acting career and very soon, she will also launch her own TV show.