‘I value a lot of E-Certs over Naija Institutions’ – Benny Capricorn


A Jos based Social Entrepreneur – Digital Strategist & Conservationist, Amama Benedict (a.k.a Benny Capricorn) has expressed his dismay on the current state of Nigeria Educational System and how it’s been run.

Benny, who is an Influencer (mostly on twitter) made this known via a twitter thread last night and these were his words,

The rating I have for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions keeps dropping by the day.

Lazy Lecturers/Exams & Records Units.

These guys cannot even deliver excellently (just a few) without asking to buy handouts or bribe to pass exams.

I value a lot of E-Certs over Naija Institutions

The thread continued…

Lecturers will skip their lessons only to come on weekends or once on school day and teach students for 4-5/6hours.

Our Educational System is rigged.
Super rigged. Girls have to bribe with their bodies mostly or a lot of money and the guys, money obviously.