Kaybee Unveils His New Manager, MSA


“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

The above, time-honoured, statement by the celebrated American writer Mark Twain, continues to ring true a century after he first expressed it. In fact, it is a Truth that pre-dates the man himself. However, the immutable wisdom in that quote seems to be lost on the current generation of artiste managers in Nigeria.

In recent times, the artiste management fold has shown unmistakable signs of acute incompetence, indolence, and a dearth in creative ideas, which has stunted, and in some cases aborted, the progress of many talented artistes.

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This sorry state of affairs has further perpetuated the stereotype that certain kinds of Talent or Music cannot ‘blow’ in Nigeria. These days when someone declares that they are a rapper or a soul singer, inadvertently, people start to feel some kind of condescending pity for them that is conveyed via that cold, How-could-you-do-this-to-yourself-look that seems to trail them everywhere. And soon enough, the artiste gets tired of this pariah status, and decides to “diversify,” to switch sides, to dumb the music down.

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However, It seems Nigeria’s next rated artiste, Kaybee is ready to take over the music industry by storm as he has officially unveiled a new manager. Making a formal introduction of his new manager to the general public via social media, Kaybee announced popular and well respected artiste manager, Photographer/Videographer, MSA as the man who would be in charge of his musical career.

We are very happy for him, and we wish him a successful music career with MSA.