“I Am Your King” — Hushpuppi Tells Nigerians


Hushpuppi finally has some words for trolls who have been criticising his luxurious lifestyle.

Writing on his Instagram today, the Gucci addict educated fans and trolls on why he stays loyal to the brand that has gotten him major attention in the entertainment industry, adding that his venture is not a waste.

He says you all might think his lavish lifestyle is just a waste, but then he calls it a strategic investment.

Here’s what he wrote;

“It’s sad I’m from a place where effort means next to nothing, hardwork is often overlooked and greatness is not lauded! Sadly most of you people believe if something good is not happening in your life, it’s impossible for others to have or deserve a good life.

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I did read a great piece once and it said Life is just playing by different rules.The real rules are there. They actually make sense. But they’re a bit more complicated, and a lot less comfortable, which is why most of you my folks never manage to learn them…..

In all humility I have tried to carve a niche for not only my self but for the 99.9 % brain washed, unrepentant generation I happen to be a part of !

I revolutionized the game of been a young successful gentle man ! I gave it class and I gave it name ! You call it Gucci, I call it class.. you call it waste I call it strategic investments.. you sit down behind low battery phones , Hungry from no jobs and with data plans less than a dollar venting your anger on anything that’s not like you! ..

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Guess what mofos God has showed and taken me to places where effort is appreciated, hard work is rewarded and greatness is crowned.. I am your king take it .. accept it ..cry over [email protected] the end of the day the truth is I rock your world ??? #DeanAndDan #Dsquared2Brothers @dsquared2″