Love Don’t Cost A Thing – How True



You might probably be thinking why this topic – Love Don’t Cost A Thing for discussion today but I think it’s high time we talk about something out of the box and to set some records straight up. After careful and long study on this subject matter, I decided to put a little something down for everyone to know my view and what I feel about love don’t cost a thing.

I totally don’t agree with the statement Love Don’t Cost A Thing because that used to happen in the past where love used to cost a little but definitely not “nothing”. Below are my reasons for disagreeing with the statement and am sure that by the time you finish reading this, you will have more ideas either for or against my own point of view; but that’s ok.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing – How True?

Truth is; nobody does anything for nothing, there’s always a positive or negative motive behind every action we take. Same goes to love, it’s a Give and Take thing (that alone makes it cost something).

  1. Give and Take: this point is very important to note in every claimed relationship because you can only Get Love when you Give Love and there’s no two (2) ways about it.
  2. Cost: when I heard a friend of mine said “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, I was like “dude, are you serious?” You can guess what his answer could be, of course it’s “Yes” but he couldn’t convince me to seeing things in his own point of view which makes the whole thing sick to me; reason is because if the people who say love don’t cost a thing can’t really explain why they said so, then it’s pointless stressing the matter. Talking about cost; it is a known fact that nothing is free especially in a relationship, the lady need some money and the guy also need something in return (it mustn’t be negative though). But most of the time then lady tend to make the relationship seem like it’s new job (source of income) and the guy with his shallow mind also starts wanting something in return all in the cover up name of ‘Love’. Spending on your partner is a bad thing in a relationship but it could be bad when it seen as the only thing holding the relationship.
  3. Do I Need A Relationship Now?: well, to me it’s a “Yes” and “​No” answer. “Yes” if you are ready to go all the way with its ups and downs and “No” if you are not ready to have your heart broken and tolerate others. In every relationship you go into; it’s like a 2 ways traffic where Serve or get Served.
  4. Patience: this is one of the key Cost of keep a relationship, knowing fully well that you guys have individual differences, so Patience is a necessary ingredient you must have to buy and use.
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The above are just the little I can share with you guys today…look forward to my next relationship article. You can also drop your contributions via the comment section.

Thank you and have a great week!