MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Je Suis Roi’ by Kaybee


ReviewJe Suis Roi‘ by Kaybee

(I’m King Review)

Kaybee’s new single titled “Je Suis Roi” (a French word meaning “I’m King”) is a song done with great mastery and competence, filled with rhymes, metaphorical lyrics and multiple and/or underlying meaning behind each line.

First, Kaybee started off with how he went through hell with his niggas to get to this point, rhyming it up with the story of Shedrack, Meshack, and a BadNigga (i.e., a metaphorical word for Abadnego), illustrating in great style their suffering days, as well as their conquest. The story was drawn from the Bible, of three men thrown into fire for not worshiping the god “bale” in Babylon.

He went further to indicate in clarity how “Jah (i.e., God) shows them Messi (mercy) like its La Liga”, a football league which have over the years been dominated by the expertise of Lionel Messi, a Legend in the game of soccer. Thus indicating how people are at the mercies of Messi as a footballer, as well as at the mercies of God, as a maker, metaphorically.

More so, he acknowledged his strong precedence and originality in the “Game of Clones”, scolding those struggling to occupy this position “The throne”, that it is not about occupancy. Rather, about presiding above all in the game of rap and perfection.  This he made known by addressing himself as a drone above others in the game of Rap, and also indicating that he cannot rule from a sitting position.

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However, his first rap was overwhelming, in that it encompassed all combination of meaningful rhymes in expressing how his kingship was acquired through long suffering and persistence in the game.

Secondly, Kaybee kicked off in the second lines with “I’m coming to get the “Peak”, abeg no bring Me Low (“Milo”), Im a King with “Three Crowns” if you doubt me ask my guy “Dano”, the boy is too “Loya” (i.e., Loyal), they say that narrow is the way so call me over thin (Ovaltine). However, the second rap by Kaybee indicated his versatility with Brand names for provisional products. Using them wherever and whenever it rightfully fits in, in rhyming up his lyrics and expressing his intentions.


Based on the foregoing, he used the brand name “Peak” to indicate that he’s heading to the top, as well as making it known that nobody should bring “milo” to slow him down consume his efforts. This illustrates his intentions of keeping his focus high without any distractions. He also used the Brand name “Three Crown” to indicate his kingship, as a king possessing three crowns, indicating that this should be confirmed with his friend “Dano”, in case of any doubts. He also persisted in that line of similarity to illustrate that the road to fame is slim, so he should be addressed as Over thin (i.e., “Ovaltine”, a brand name), metaphorically representing his eligibility to succeed, by fitting into the smallest space left in the music industry.

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To further buttress these points, anyone who listens to this song will definitely attest Kaybee’s great skills being similar to M.I. Abaga’s style, but with great perfection and professionalism.

Finally, acknowledging those who made it to the top before him, that is, M.I., J Cole, Falz, Casper, and P. O. E. e.t.c., made it more astonishing and professional. This is no doubt one of the most meaningful song so far released in the New Year (2019), and at this point I wrap this review by giving it a 10/10 star(s) rating and kudos to Kaybee as I look further to more of your amazing work.

This review was written by Augustine Nwokebelu, a graduate of Psychology from UNIZIK and currently serving at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. When Augustine is not at work, he spends his time reading mostly eBooks online and offline (you can call him ‘The Book Junkie’) and can write on any subject matter presented to him. You can connect with him on twitter via: @Austin_Belu