NANRE ZWALNAN Set To Launch A Talk Shop; Unveiling The Heart… Beyond Rules And Tradition


NANRE ZWALNAN Set To Launch A Talk Shop; Unveiling The Heart… Beyond Rules And Tradition

NANRE ZWALNAN Set To Launch A Talk Shop; Unveiling The Heart… Beyond Rules And Tradition

The rising cases of moral decadence, social vices and even national crises without doubt is bringing concerns to many. While the older generation seem to be blaming the younger generation for losing control and becoming addicted to freedom, the young generation will not stop harping on the hypocrisy of the old brigade.

Whichever group you belong to; the truth is that blaming one another cannot solve the current realities. Nanre Zwalnan has gone beyond blame to initiate a talk shop that will bring great insights and perhaps launch a recovery path for a dying generation.

24 naija news caught up with Nanre and sought to know her motive and inspiration for daring into a very dicey area like love and marriage. This is her response:

“Growing up as a human being was interesting and as a girl confusing. I was cautioned and advised about a lot of things by caring, loving and sometimes angry, bitter, deceitful, regretful, happy, mentally imbalanced people.

They comprise members of my nuclear and extended family, friends of the family, neighbours, church members, school teachers, peers and of course, the media.

I was restricted from doing some things without being really told the implications of doing the “Don’ts”.  When I asked for reasons for the many ‘don’ts’ I got responses like, ‘it is not good’, ‘it is not proper for a lady to do such things’ or ‘it is against societal and cultural ethics’, ‘it is against our religion and tradition’.

I was too tender to separate truth from lies. Personal fears and bias were being shoved down my throat in the name of advice.

 As time passed on, I grew as a bottled up teen with so much uncertainties constituting my personality and as I advanced in age, I became exposed to the world and a huge part of me wanted to experiment the ‘don’ts because I thought the don’ts was just for the “immature” me.

Therefore, believing that I was matured enough to handle whatever baggage that comes with being an adult, the urge to experiment overwhelmed me. As a result of my curiosity to discover what was so wrong in all the things I was asked not to do. I discovered that many elders and grown-ups could not defend the don’ts they believed in. In my discovery, I experienced a lot that reconstructed who I was and the hurdles I needed to overcome to become the best of me.

Reminiscing on my experiences, I realised that I was just one out of many children and adults in the world struggling to unveil the mystery of the don’ts.

These inherited don’ts have become like a black hole, sucking our humanity away in the name of culture, traditions and even beliefs. I believe it is time to interrogate them.

In today’s world, the rate at which individuals keep getting it wrong is so disturbing. I look around and I see lives being destroyed daily. Our misunderstanding of relationships and love has been a catalyst for the bad foundation of marriages, failures in parenting and relationships.

The perfect plan of God for marriage, relationship and friendship has been devalued to sex, money, food, physical appearance, clothes, cars, fame, power, children, competition etc. Abnormality is now a perfect norm!

As much as we want to deny that all these have no connection to the increased rate of social vices in our society, we really cannot prove otherwise. This is because everything that exists in the society is a product of the union of a man and a woman, whether accidentally, intentionally, parasitically or mutually. We have been paying so much attention to things that are insignificant and we abuse what is valuable.

There is more to love, friendship, family and marriage than just fantasy, interest and desire. I believed these are the foundation of Nation building, Patriotism and Nationalism. IF WE CAN GET RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE RIGHT, WE WILL GET THE NATION RIGHT. After all, any how you look at it, nation building is first a matter of values and morals.

NANRE ZWALNAN Set To Launch A Talk Shop; Unveiling The Heart… Beyond Rules And Tradition

I want Unveiling The Heart With Nanre to be a unique programme that will educate humanity not gender, on the dangers of being ignorant to knowledge. To also examine and rebuild the purpose of the union between a man and a woman from the time of creation.

It should expose the physical, spiritual and worldly implications of actions and decisions, so that it could illustrate how every individual is connected. The programme should be able to redirect priorities and reset minds to the true meaning of man’s existence.

Let its content command an innate conviction to experience love, hope and faith on the terms of the Creator. The programme promises to connect the entire value chain of the family, marriage and love by strengthening the signature of pure love and its product.

This platform will specifically create a cure for the level of disastrous stupidity and indecent activities in relationships. It pledges to address the issues of feminism that seems to be harmless but is causing so much threat to the beauty of love.

The issues, topics and subject matters will redefine the vital connection to the essence of life. It will reposition the minds of its audiences to the realisation that success in life is dependent on a healthy knowledge base.

The core objective would be examining the power of the union between a wife and husband.

The vision of the programme is to create a breed of families and individuals that will be significant to the balance of the universe. To unveil the matters of the heart and analyse how the smallest feeling can be nurtured to grow into a habit. Therefore, revealing how delicate the heart is and why it should be guarded with all diligence.

The first edition will take place in February 2019 in Jos and is open for everyone to participate.”


If you are looking forward to this promising adventure like we do at 24naija, then watch this page for more information.

Nanre Zwalnan is a graduate of Mass Communication, University o f Jos. She is a team member of El-spice Media Limited where she is the Client Relations Officer. El-spice is a phenomenal brand with vast interest and investment in Film, Television, Game, Publishing and Human Capital Development.  You can connect with Nanre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or write her through [email protected]