Nigerian Youths Need A Change of Mentality


Since Nigeria’s independence as a nation in 1960, it has a country has gone through different stages of development Politically, Economically, Technologically, Educationally and so on the list keeps going on and on. Back in the days when we were much younger, our parent and leaders told us that ‘We Are The Leaders of Tomorrow’ but my question here is ‘Are We Really The Leaders of Tomorrow?’

It’s quite funny to grow up knowing the same people who said ‘you are the leaders of tomorrow’ still occupy the seats you are suppose to take over from them… how did we get here?, what went wrong? and why are we still the leaders of tomorrow after 30 – 40 years later?

Truth is the world is fast growing with so many innovations here and there, the competition these days are quite high and if you are not up and doing in your game, you tend to loose a lot from all sides… The factors explained below are few out of the many things that has got many Nigerian youth too/totally distracted from the things they were supposed to focus their energy and time to.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: being one of the biggest, strongest, most influential and reckless community the internet has ever hosted… the social media is undoubtedly good and resourceful if used rightly, and from my point of view, the said community’s growth has been quite massive from way back 2010. Facebook alone has over a Billion active users and still counting; which 90% or more of these users are mostly young people. Let me share a little about my coming to the social media, few years ago my love for surfing the internet grew more than it ever was, so signed up for Facebook (ofcourse the almighty platform wasn’t this popular back then) and 2go. When I registered for these two account, the aim was to meet people and probably get connected to other parts of the world but as time goes by, my mind and thinking started growing to wanting something more (such as going in Blogging) like having something hosted online in my own name.
    • First, I went to reading PDF and YouTube videos related to Blogging which actually served as a huge free resources with my reach.
    • Secondly, I read as many blogs as I can and becoming more active in many forums online.
    • Lastly, I try to see what it takes to have something lite (simple blog).
      • All am trying to say here is that, many youths waste their precious time online doing the wrong things that doesn’t add to societal growth or that of themselves… if you are reading this piece, I want you to know that Social Media is beyond posting pictures and slaying here and there, to me it was built to meet people and share ideas on how to make things better lives of others… Take it from me that Nigerian youths have lost it on social media and allow it take control of their everyday lives. Think about it and act now.
  2. NONCHALANT ATTITUDE: I don’t need to talk much about the attitude as you and I know that Nigerian Youths give more attention to the things that don’t follow and less or zero attention to the things that matter to us. We need to change our mentality to the way we see things.
  3. POLITICS: this is one area virtually all Nigerian Youths have ignored over the years which is why our fathers of yesterday still want to die ruling us. Like I mentioned earlier, social media has taken too of our attention. Our leaders of yesterday (still our leaders of today) finds happiness whenever they see the young ones messing themselves up and ranting on social media… Nigerian young people must learn to make Politics their business.
  4. ENTERTAINMENT: One will wonder if the said industry is actually contributing to the growth of the nation or to its fall. Well, I could say YES it is and YES it is not… Yes I have a double contradicting answers to a single complicated question. I said YES it is contributing the growth of the country’s economy because in recent time, the entertainment industry in Nigeria has placed us on a higher scale compared to any African nation and it has also kept so many boys off the streets…while on the other hand it has also failed us as a nation because the child out there today just want MAKE IT fast not minding what it might cost; this move usually results to young people going into some funny act all to gain popularity (use your head, for you to BLOW it doesn’t just happen overnight).
  5. TECHNOLOGY: is key, the world has no doubt evolve to be a tech world, with some much on the table lately ranging from Web development, Software development and Computer programme now comes in handy even at the comfort of building an app from your smartphone. I happen to spend a little time at nHub in Jos, Nigeria where i got to understand that Nigeria has so much potentials when it comes to Tech but mostly lack funding and the right people to manage these young persons. nHub has made things easy for young men to improve their skills technologically and otherwise. You can check them out via
  6. CONCLUSION: to wrap it up, Nigerian Youths must learn to diversify in everything they do, you can change Nigeria, Africa and the World by doing something no matter how little you think it is.