Nintendo Switch Price And Release Date Announced

The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd in the following countries; Japan, US, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe and major European territories. The gadget will cost $299.99. As for European prices, Nintendo asks fans to check with their local retailer.
No information in terms of bundles has been given yet. The Nintendo Switch will not be region-locked according to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.
Prior to this, it was suggested that the Nintendo Switch would cost between $250 and $300.
“A long-in-the-works revamp to the company’s consoles – the NX, with reveal coming next week; is liable to come at a price that will result in a “major” disappointment for volume sales, the firm Macquarie said,” according to a post on investor website Seeking Alpha. “Speculation is putting the price of the new console between $300 and $350, in line with competing consoles, vs. the Wii’s former discount to rival boxes from Sony and Microsoft.”
The Nintendo World Store — its retail arm yesterday announced that pre-orders for the console will begin on January 13th at 9am EST at its New York outlet.
This comes after retailers across the world have already listed the console for pre-order including GameStop’s Italy and US branches as well as UK’s Gameseek and Australia’s EB Games.
In addition to this, the Nintendo World New York Twitter account states that quantities will be in limited supply. No surprise given how tough it is to acquire a NES Classic. Nintendo console in general are painful to get during their launch window. Even the Wii U was hard to find. And it seems that the Switch will follow the same path.