RED’s ‘holographic,’ ‘SOLID’ Hydrogen phone will ship this summer


Boutique Android phone makers didn’t have a excellent 2017, however RED objectives to opposite that development with its high-end Hydrogen handset, which founder Jim Jannard talks up in a up to date put up at the corporate’s boards. The chunky, distinctive software will ship within the summer, however those that have pre-ordered will be capable of take a look at out its “4-view” show in April.

Jannard crows in regards to the high quality of the show, the standard of the audio, the standard of the construct, the flexibility of the module gadget, and the “cool as hell” scalloped aspects. He admits it’s huge: 2 oz. greater than different five.7″ gadgets, in addition to broader and thicker. “Think SOLID,” he concludes. No less than that leaves room for a large battery (4500mAh) and twin SIM slots.

Extra importantly for some, the phone enjoys “unprecedented” service improve. I’m no longer positive what that would in point of fact imply; it will be arduous for it to outdo the iPhone, which is obtainable by way of just about each service. That’s a lovely sturdy precedent.

Let’s simply take that at face worth and suppose it’ll be on maximum carriers — Jannard’s a excellent salesman, and the carriers most probably need a a laugh up-sell software like this. As soon as shoppers cling this huge, dear phone of their palms, the entirety else will appear mild and inexpensive.

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The put up does little to allay the apprehensions of those that have noticed Jannard sometimes oversell RED’s choices in posts identical to this one.

The truth that nonetheless only a few folks have in truth noticed the vaunted “holographic” 4V show is reason for fear. Jannard’s claims right here, that it’s higher than 3-D, immersive, impressive and so on, handiest rely for such a lot.

The time of 3-D content material of no matter type seems to have come and long gone, thank god: the 3-D part of TVs is now an afterthought if it’s provide in any respect; 3-D showings of films aren’t as hyped; Nintendo all however deserted 3-D in its hand held that used it as a marquee function; and so forth. In truth nobody in point of fact ever sought after it, and whilst it used to be in every single place nobody might be satisfied it used to be value having as anything else rather then a novelty.

So when Jannard writes this:

It offers a fully other feeling. The entire pixels are there… however as a substitute of “looking at” a percent, you’re immersed within the symbol. It’s relatively impressive.

We’re appearing prototypes now to content material generating companions in preparation for the HYDROGEN Community. This will be the only position to seek out all 4V content material on-line. From main studios and different content material suppliers to making your personal channel.

We will be capable of announce our social media companions beautiful quickly. You will no longer be dissatisfied who’s supporting HYDROGEN 4V. Giant canines.

Many simply pay attention “marketing marketing marketing.”

LEIA makes the show, and this semi-3-D form of symbol is what we will be expecting.

We already know more or less how the picture era works, and whilst it might be cool, it may also turn out tiring, tricky to observe or proportion, or produce other problems like deficient constancy or restricted use instances. All of which have been true of Lytro, which used to be cool tech-wise


Will the Hydrogen be the similar of a Lytro hooked up to a too-big phone with dear add-ons? Almost definitely it received’t be that unhealthy. It would also be in point of fact excellent. On the very least, it has a headphone jack.