See What Singer ‘Adele’ Said About The Position She Keeps Her Awards


She is all of 28. She’s cute, cuddly, charming and a chubby. No not just for her sensational voice but for the allure Adele’s breathtaking beautiful personality.

In an age where singers are struggling hard to break into the acerbically competitive music industry, this famous star has already released 5 studio albums and won a sensational 10 Grammy Awards.

But recently, this sensational melody queen made a revelation that perhaps slanted her immense popularity and made her incredible fame sound all the more questionable.

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She confessed of storing all of her awards in her personal bathroom. The reason? It’s quite simple; she feels by keeping her haul of awards in her toilet, she gets reminded of the virtue of working hard. Only her Academy Award which she won for the famous 2013 James Bond flick ‘Skyfall’ is kept in the bedroom. While the rest of all her awards, including the Grammy wins have been kept in the bathroom.

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Adele further confessed that she kicks herself every time she visits the bathroom and thinks to herself, ‘ wow, I did good’.

Guess everyone has a way to self motivation.