Top Results From Jamb Live Chat With Prospective Candidates Today (Questions & Answers)


As promised yesterday in the last update regarding Jamb coming Live today to respond to various questions related to the forth coming exams… Today we bring you something exclusive as many Nigerian students asked questions and the replies given to them by the exam body (see below).

Question: @JAMBHQ I want ask questions about  (1) 2017 JAMB fee (2)When will the form be release for sale.

Reply: @OLAJIDEOB There is no official statement on the price of the fee for this year’s registration. We will announce it when we have the info

Question:  @JAMBHQ Heard about mock exams

Reply:  @mary4life70   There is no official date to that. If a date comes up, we will announce on this handle


Question:  @JAMBHQ Morning

My first question is can candidates register from the comfort of their homes since we all have to create accts now?

Reply: @dapson_ade Candidates must visit JAMB accredited centres for registration.


Question: @JAMBHQ with this new policy, does it means I can choose more than one polytechnic?

Reply: @Royalpossible Yes that is what it means.

Question: @JAMBHQ where then will registrations be carried out?

Reply: @EzekielGift at JAMB Accredited CBT centres. Not cyber cafes

Question: @JAMBHQ #UTME2017

What steps have you taken to prevent the reoccurence of last year’s examination result brouhaha?

Reply: @AOTFatola1 We had to put a lot of things in place to have a hitch free exam this year

Question: @JAMBHQ when will jamb for be ready and the exam be concluded because some schools need the result of jamb before march 31. E.g is the NDA

Reply: @emmanueltoluye1 All institutions are aware of JAMB exam date, so they will not put any candidate in a disadvantaged position

 Question: @JAMBHQ since exam wil be computer based what if someone who doesn’t have D knowledge of computer, how can D person cope wit computer based

Reply: @sirinimeng1 You will only need the Mouse and Keyboard . Arrow keys, A,B,C,D Keys . Thats all you need to write our exam

Question: @JAMBHQ why force candidates to choose at least 1private univ? Y not allow them choose any uni of their choice b both private or public?

Reply: @MystiqueEstell1 We DO NOT force candidates to choose Private Universities. Its Optional.

Exclusive Question: @JAMBHQ in #Kano i find out that some cybercafes started selling jamb to candidate at the price of #15000

Reply: @ak13muhd Please supply us with the name of the cyber cafe. We will appreciate this. you can request for a follow back to DM us

That is all I have for you guys today on jamb update, throw your questions via the comment section.


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