Top Ten (10) Apps On Google PlayStore This Week


Checkout the list of apps that trend through the week, here you get to know if you are really using one or more of them.

#10. Xender: the most used file sharing app among Android users is #10 as at the time of compiling the article.

#09. MMM Nigeria: is a referral program that is believed to eradicate poverty by offering help to one another.

#08. TrueCaller: made it to #8 after many weeks of being on the down low.

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#07. All Football: All Football is an application for football fans to use in mobile terminals.

#06. IMO: popular instant messaging app with video call feature is #06.

#05. Instagram: finally got a push up after its recent update.

#04. Opera Mini: is browser that was popular among Java and Symbian phone users in recent years, Opera Mini gets level up for it low data consumption.

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#03. Messenger: a subsidiary of the popular social network ‘Facebook’ is known also for instant messaging.

#02. WhatsApp: it’s quite disappointing if you will ask me that even after the recent update on this app that spot a video calling feature its didn’t make to the very top.

#01. Facebook: still maintain it place even with the every week update.

Well, there you have it hope this article was helpful.