‘Travelling Ban is Not And Never a Punishment’ -By- Tohwo Oseruvwoja


By: Tohwo Oseruvwoja

The travelling ban place on some Nigerians by this current administration is an assassination of the provisions section 35 and 36(5) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

Travelling ban is not and never a punishment known nor attached to any offence in Nigeria Criminal justice system; this move is an attempt by this current administration to rape us of our sensibilities as regard to what actually is democracy in the guise of fighting corruption and further question our sanity as to the form of government we practice currently.

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In this age when Nigeria is to be rated as an adult democrat in the comity of Nations, this order is enemical and a threat to democracy which Nigerians fought for and hope to sustain, we should not only discourage this act, but also assist those individuals involve to outrightly disobey it.

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Because an administration of government that make any law/order that is unjust, it is an act of patriotism and constitutional duty for every citizens to not only disobey such law/order but also to rebuke such administration by sending them back to where they came from with our permanent voters card (PVC) to enable us rescue of Nation from this current constitutional and political quagmire.

Tohwo Oseruvwoja, Esq.