Twitter Turns Off Tweeting Via SMS After CEO’s Account Hack


Recall we reported here when Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s official twitter account got hacked by a group of hackers who go by the name ‘Chuckling Squad‘ who went ahead to tweet some stuff that raises concern in the twitter community and raised a lot of questions of the safety of highly placed individuals who are on the platform.

Well, few days ago, Twitter Support took a step to deactivating tweeting via sms, although they made it clear in the post that this development is only temporary and also a step to making users accounts more secured.

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The tweet read;

We’re temporarily turning off the ability to Tweet via SMS, or text message, to protect people’s accounts.

We’re taking this step because of vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by mobile carriers and our reliance on having a linked phone number for two-factor authentication (we’re working on improving this).

We’ll reactivate this in markets that depend on SMS for reliable communication soon while we work on our longer-term strategy for this feature.

Also, Twitter Support team revealed that the Tweeting via SMS has been turned on for a few location and users in the areas can use the feature while work further to fixing the problem.

We’ve now turned this feature back on for a few locations that depend on SMS to Tweet. It remains turned off for the rest of the world.

Stay close while we sought for more updates.

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