Understanding Your Smartphone – Top Seven Tips To Explore


Hi guys, welcome to this short tutorial on how to fully understand and explore your smartphone. Truth is; this little piece might be less than what you already know about smartphones but am happy share it anyway.

You will agree with me that it can really be frustrating to find yourself having a piece of technology that can serve you in the sense that you sometimes don’t need to visit any cyber cafe for doing just some simple things that it’s believed that your phone can actually perform.

So let’s talk how to get you exploring your phone. I will specifically talk on Android phones because it seems to be the latest trend as all other operating systems are going to sleep and as the widely used platform as at the time of typing this post.

1. First, you need the smartphone itself because if you don’t own one, then I guess this post won’t yield much results to you as you will only be living on theory unless you have plans to obtain one soon. You don’t just need a smartphone but also you shouldn’t go for something that is out of date (like looking for a little recent version; preferably v4.2 and above) I will explain in details why I’m making the choice of the version above (my experience).

2. After having an android phone, you will need to have the most essential applications running on it. Owning an android phone without the right apps running on it is same as saying you don’t have a smartphone because what really make it smart are what you have installed on it and your ability to manipulate through them.

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3. The first application you need to look out for on your phone is the Browser. The browser is very important to you and the device because with it lacking, you are not in anyway going to have most things up and running especially the internet as it is your gateway to access contents online and sometimes offline when you save pages. It is generally known that most phones come with a default browser which mostly to me these browsers can be so boring to work with as some of them can not fully open some sites’ content because they are written to handle lighter sites. So I will you to have Chrome and any of these two “Mozilla or UcBrowser” for better results.

4. Get a Text editor: having a text editor is also key to typing emergency documents maybe during weekends when your boss from work just asks you to send a mail to someone using any of the office document format. All you need to do is just open an file from your or email sent previously and edit it on the text editor. I personally use OfficeSuite for android and it is actually helpful if you know your ways through the normal Microsoft Office.

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5. Now let me go back to Android version: if you noticed above I made mention of v4.2 and up as the android version you should at least have…OK, here is why; android developers are somehow done with writing apps for the lower versions of the said smartphone because they believe and I strongly agree that technology has gone way beyond the days of v2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 3.1 and even 4.0 so they focus their energy on what is trending and also speaking from experience I had one of such device that I got tired of, all because every time I try installing an app I always get this annoying messages “App not installed” & “Not compatible” amongst others. In addition, you hardly get updates for your apps because they are out of date.

6. On cameras: if you are a lover of selfies like myself then look for a phone that is at least 8.0MP rear and 5.0MP front camera so you won’t get frustrated when other people’s picture are clearer while you can barely recognize yourself after take shots with your phone.

7. Music & Videos: just like the default browsers, media players are important because most default media players can not play all file formats so I recommend Google Play Music and MxPlayer for your phones.

Hope this article helps and don’t forget to drop your questions via the comment section below.