Unroll.Me brings its email management app to Android


Android customers will now be in a position to combat unsolicited mail and set up their email subscriptions the usage of the brand new Android app from Unroll.me.

To be transparent, any person with a smartphone may get some great benefits of the provider already. You simply had to attach you email account, then use Unroll.me’s options to unsubscribe to the emails you didn’t need and roll-up the remaining right into a unmarried day by day digest.

On the other hand, CEO Jojo Hedaya sounds specifically pleased with his crew’s app interface — first launched on iOS and now on Android. The theory is to flip managing your subscriptions right into a amusing, Tinder-style interplay, the place you swipe left to unsubscribe, swipe up to upload a e-newsletter to your day by day Rollup and swipe proper to simply stay it to your inbox.

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“I’m very confident this is the best way to remove clutter from your inbox,” Hedaya stated.

Do the general public in point of fact have sufficient subscriptions for to do a lot swiping? Neatly, Unroll.me says the typical consumer has greater than 62 subscriptions on signup. And with the exception of the swiping, the app additionally permits you to set up a listing of all of your subscriptions and browse your Rollup.

Unroll.me unsubscribe

Whilst you’ll be able to get so much carried out within the app, Hedaya emphasised that he’s no longer attempting to change a conventional email consumer.

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“In my opinion, past [attempts] to solve the email client game went 75 percent of the way there,” he stated. “I wanted to make sure that we had a separate solution that just helps you with email clutter.”

Like Unroll.me’s different services and products, the Android app is to be had at no cost — the corporate is owned via Rakuten/Slice and makes its cash from consumer information. (That were given Unroll.me into scorching water previous this yr, and as a reaction, Hedaya has vowed to be extra clear.)

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