“We Totally Reject PSMAward” – Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos


A lot of reactions has float social media since Sunday evening after the just concluded Plateau Social Media Award (PSMA2019) which most of the audience who graced the event were disappointed by the out come of the event in general and on the other hand – others thought it to be fair and credible.

Below is one of the press release as by member representing Jos South / Jos East Federal Constituency, Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos; Monday, 8th July 2019.

“When Seemo Munataray Munashak AKA Alfred Makut, came up with the idea of PLATEAU STATE SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS, the first point of concern for many was if he and his crew would be willing and able to run a fair unadulterated process, knowing his political affiliation and that his loyalty lies solely with the APC. That was the reason why many disregarded the PSMA idea and tossed it away forthwith.

But for us as a team, we gave them the benefit of the doubt and extended a hand of friendship when they reached out to us. We believed that the PSMA crew truly understood what they were venturing into and the sincerity they are expected to exhibit no matter what. We had hoped for a process that becomes a unifying factor for Plateau sons and daughters, where we lay aside our divergences and genuinely celebrate each other.

Well, the PSMA crew didn’t only disappoint the people, but also shot herself in the leg and woefully failed an integrity test in her very first edition.


To the utter displeasure of the audience who couldn’t hide their feelings, there was an instant reaction over an unwisely orchestrated process that effectuated someone else other than the rightful choice of PSMA voters in some of the categories.

There was also an obvious cover up for the Governor of Plateau State who was beaten in one of the categories.


  1. Bagos Campaign Organization won the category of Best Use of Social media in Political Campaigns (as shown in the official PSMA chart below), with over 400 votes (11% difference), yet Gagdi Campaign Organization was announced winner. The panel of judges have stamped down the voice of our esteemed voters and have adulterated the process. That is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
    • We wish to state clearly though, that we have nothing personal against our brother and friend, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi. We are only unveiling the truth.
  2. Evidently, Hon. Bagos’ one and only Campaign page (well acknowledged for her activeness and effectiveness on social media) has a followership that surpasses Hon. Gagdi’s two campaign pages put together. We are disgusted by the manner in which the process was manipulated. If the PSMA crew can’t acknowledge the voice of the voters, why ask them to vote?
  3. Among the nominees for Social media influencer of the year were Hon. Dachung Musa Bagos and Hon. Simon Bako Lalong. In the bid to dilute what the might have considered an embarrassment to the governor, the PSMA crew deliberately refused to announce the names of nominees in that category before calling out the winner, Hon. Dachung Bagos, unlike in other categories where the nominees where clearly mentioned and reflected using a projector visible to everyone.
  4. The convener of PSMA pointed out in his speech that the essence of the awards was to acknowledge, commend and further spur well behaved Social media users who are making the world a better place through their engagements online. We then wonder why the PSMA panel of judges failed to practice what they preach. Why preach and encourage truth when you are not willing to be truthful? Why promote a good course with dubious ways?
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Screenshots from the voting statistics.

CONCLUSION: If we had discovered that the PSMA crew had manipulated us into victory against any person or group, we would still have publicly rejected any such awards.

We make the world a better place if we let truth prevail in both enjoyable and painful times. Thank you. ”

Precious K Nyako
For Bagos Campaign Organization.