WhatsApp Rolling Out Audio Playback Feature on Notification for iOS Users


WhatsApp Audio Playback Feature For iOS

WhatsApp has been on the trail of improving not only on Android for its users but also on iOS devices. Recently, WhatsApp is working on rolling out Audio Playback feature for WhatsApp on iOS. If you are an iOS user and want to know how this feature works, just take your time to carefully read this article to its very end

WhatsApp Audio Playback Feature has so far been spotted in iOS beta beta version from TestFlight and this audio playback function works for voice playback and audios files too. According a recent report on WABeatInfo, it confirmed only a few beat users will be getting this WhatsApp new feature in the meantime till it is officially and fully rolled out for other user.

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In other to test this audio playback feature, iOS users need to be on the latest WhatsApp iOS bear from TestFlight. To test this, send an audio file or voice note from one phone to your supported iOS devices, before playing the audio on your iPhone notification to see if this feature is available to you or not.

If the feature is available for you, audio can be played continuously without user interaction, but note that WhatsApp Business beta for iOS is also eligible to remotely get the feature.

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If the audio playback feature is not available for you, try reinstalling the application after backing up your data to see if it will work (slide chances of it working though). WhatsappBetaInfo says the audio file playback might be available for your device in beta if the last digit of your phone number is even, while if the last digit of your number is odd means you can get the voice message playback.

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